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Canada Alaska

Experience Canada & Alaska you have always dreamed about. From the mild to the wild. When? Are you going, what do you want to do?


Pristine wilderness and abundant wildlife in their natural habitat. Whatever season you choose to visit, your memories will last a lifetime


Alas­ka beck­ons pas­sen­gers with some of the most mag­nif­icent scenery you’ll see from a ship. Unspoilt wilderness, glorious Mountain & glaciers.


Early morning lookout points, when the sun hits the mountain peaks just right. Those amazing postcard pictures you see come to life.


The Northern Lights. Make friends with the night. Bright aurora lights up the snowy landscapes enough to guide you home


Travel through Canada’s stunning Rocky Mountains. Carve through Canada’s extreme landscapes. Prepare to do some serious neck-swivelling


Explore the back country with Man’s Best friend.



Mountain peaks, alpine meadows and pristine lakes. An extraordinary adventure not to be missed!

Sites to See

Ketchikan Alaska

Towns rich in Gold Rush, the beginning of the last frontier. Feisty salmon, idyllic scenery, and an incredibly rich Alaska Native history &culture.

Sites to See

Something to see everywhere you look.

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