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Rising Star 2017 award recipient, Ash Fabiani, Travel Experience with Andrew McFarlane, Magellan Group and Sarah Built, Etihad Airways.

Home grown Ash Fabiani was the recipient of the Magellan Travel Group’s Rising Star Award, a national award presented annually by Magellan to outstanding travel agents who are newcomers to the industry.  Nominations for the award were open to over 300 travel agencies who are members of the Magellan consortium.  The presentation took place at the gala dinner which marked the conclusion of the Magellan National Conference 2017 at the Crown Plaza in Perth on 15 September.   Ash was accompanied by Uli Lenitschek, Director of Travel Experience and her mother, Kim.  “Ash is such a deserving winner, I am very proud of her achievements over the past 12 months.  Love the dedication and enthusiasm shown by our young team member” Uli said.  “I am stoked, it was an incredible opportunity for me and I would like to thank Uli and the team at Travel Experience for their support” said Ash, who has just completed 12 months working at Travel Experience.

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Flight Deals Hotel Deals Cruise Deals